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Baby there is a need laundry soap for you _ laundry soap and what is the difference between ordinary laundry soap Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-26
Every mother want the best for children, baby laundry soap is designed for baby clothes washing soap, more close skin and so on, the following this paper will detail is necessary for you to buy baby laundry soap?

a laundry soap, baby it is necessary to use a

baby clothes stain is more, it is easy to bacterial infection and develop.

residues in baby clothes, diapers and milk stains of bedding, urine, and stains, etc. It is easy to breed bacteria. Then infected with e. coli stains such as easy to make clothing, such as nasopharyngeal secretion stain easily made with staphylococcus aureus, and the development of the baby's immune system is not fully.

to bacteria resistance ability is weak, so the cleaning incomplete word is easy to affect the health of the baby.

laundry soap is specifically for the baby baby clothes washing soap, laundry soap ingredients mild baby, more natural, not stimulate the baby's skin, for washing hands skin will not cause too much damage.

can not only efficiently clean, also the function of sterilization, to ensure that infants and young children from bacteria and contaminants, and can effectively avoid the baby tender skin from the corrosion of chemical detergent with good skin care functions.

as a result, in order to better protect the baby, the baby laundry soap is necessary.

2, baby soap adults can use a

baby soap ingredients, has become a piece of cream soap, so adults can choose baby soap, consider the way similar to cream soap, because the adults of sebum and sweat glands of points and metabolism, than babies.

so, baby soap decontamination ability, is not enough for adults, use for a long time, still can cause clogged pores, acne, if you think of a certain brand of baby soap, detergency is very good, no wash not clean, so the baby soap, but is not suitable for baby toddler practical?

the difference between the three, baby laundry soap and ordinary soap

1, the baby's mild, not stimulate the baby's skin, no residue.

2, baby soap alkali weaker little bubble, so irritating is small.

3, the baby's laundry soap residues smaller, do not harm the skin.
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