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Baby what are the problems that should be paid attention to when washing clothes? These you must know! - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-21
0 - 3 years old baby skin has not yet developed, has poor resistance, easy allergy, easy to absorb the external things three characteristics, so the baby home clean clothes should be more targeted.

1, the baby clothes bought back shall wash

new purchase of baby clothing must be washed first, because in order to make clothes look more bright beautiful, clothes manufacturing process, would join benzene or fluorescence system, but also a threat to the health of the baby.

especially when the mouth period of baby, what all want to put in your mouth bite, once encounter have additive, but will be out of the question.

advise parents not to penny cheap and cheap clothing of choose and buy, try to choose a brand of clothes is guaranteed, and if the brand is to buy off clothes, although no problem, but most of them are the closet goods, let the baby wear to still need to washing.

2, adult and baby clothes washed apart

to separate the baby's clothing and adult clothing washing, avoid cross infection. Because adults range is wide, bacteria on clothing and more & quot; Flowers & quot; , it can infect bacteria washing clothes to the children.

these bacteria probably doesn't matter for adults, but only 1/10 of the adult skin thickness, infant skin skin tender, resistance is poor, slightly do not pay attention to the result will be a baby's skin problems, children's underwear had better use special basin hand wash separately.

3, use laundry detergent to clean the baby clothes

your baby's underclothes direct contact with the baby tender skin, and laundry detergent for baby alkaline are big, not suitable for used to wash baby's clothes.

and a laundry detergent residue chemicals easily, and the residual chemicals will damage the fabric, make baby soft clothing harden. Therefore, baby's laundry avoid is used a detergent.

at present, the commonly used abroad because instead of laundry detergent to wash the baby clothes, because not only can use the laundry detergent thoroughly clean the stains and no residue, and can reduce fabric damage, so as to keep the baby clothing and soft. But mother when the choose and buy laundry detergent, should choose some reputable brand.

4, to be cautious with bleach

use bleach to make the clothes appears clean method is not recommended, because it to the baby skin prone to stimulate; Bleach after entering the human body, can combined with proteins in the body quickly, is not easy to out of the body.

wash the baby clothes are not suitable for use bleach, some detergent containing phosphorus compounds, it is not easy to decompose, cause rivers pollution; Some bleach is a fluorescent agent, difficult to remove, contact with the skin for a long time can cause discomfort, and even the phenomenon such as rash, itching.

5, washing is not only the surface dirt

wash the stains, just completed a third of the washing process, and then rinse is absolutely key, two or three times to repeatedly washed with clear water, until the water clear. Otherwise, remain in laundry detergent or soap, the harm of children, not less clothing on the dirt.

6, clean up dirt in the first time

the child's milk stains on her dress, fruit juice, vegetable juice, chocolate is often the case. Sprinkle with the wash immediately, is an effective method to keep clothes clean as before. If a day or two, such as dirt into fiber, take a few times the strength is also difficult to clean. In addition, also can put the clothes with soda leaching after a period of time, again with the hand rub, the result is right also.

7, sunshine is the best disinfectant

the sun is a natural antiseptic disinfectant, no side effects, also not economic investment. So, enjoy sunshine, clothing is not exceptional also, baby clothes, after cleaning can be placed in the sun a sun.

in addition, to remind parents, drying the baby clothes, try not to have adult walked up and down, or oil, dirt, probably in the process, attached to the baby's clothing.
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