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Bed is tasted rub off the quality problem is _ rub off the real reason for it - you know Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-26
Fade, fade dark textiles, color, it is an inevitable problem. Reason: the fabric after dyeing finishing, can't completely to the residual dye processing clean, then formed the floating color when I was in the washing.

although this kind of problem is inevitable, but after we buy the product, can be appropriate to add some & other; Fixing agent & throughout; , make the color of the fabric on firmer, below I recommend to you a several ways:

1, cotton and linen with salt immersion

remind: cotton and linen fabrics alkali not acid

new cotton and linen fabrics, bed is tasted or buy clothes, should use salt immersion, its purpose is to have the effect of fixation.

before launching for the first time to use saline soak for half an hour, and then according to the conventional method to clean. If there is still a slight rub off, can be in every time before the water cleaning with light saline soak for 10 minutes, to prevent excessive rub off.

2, real silk with white vinegar soak

remind: real silk fabrics acid-proof alkali not

color fastness of real silk fabrics is generally less than cotton, so when catharsis silk fabrics products for the first time, you can drop a few drops of white vinegar soak in water. At the same time due to the partial hard water drinking water now, so the white vinegar can also be a certain degree of neutralization, avoided silk fade and the situation of the watermark.

3, bedding bag opposite drying method

remind: fabric by ultraviolet ray direct sunlight is used yellow

air basks in bedding clothes, as far as possible will be opposite to dry. Because the fabric dye encounter sunlight will fade away, and have a test in the product standard index called & other; Color fastness to light & throughout; 。

the fade is easier to appear on the light color fabric. Such as light color fabric after burn easily turn yellow.

4, avoid by all means is bleached detergents

note: problems with bleach/no dilution is washing often make

many detergent statement is a neutral detergent, contains no bleach, and so on. In fact, however, for the sake of detergent washing effect, can add more or less, buy it is important to note that 84 detergent is more can not be used in bedding.

and detergent are typically concentrate, wash bed is tasted before be diluted, pour on the bedding fabric, corrosion of dye is very obvious, is why some of the local fade in the bed is tasted after washing.

why dark clothing is not as serious as bedding fade?

bedding fabric area is large, there may be rub off when washing uneven, small easy to uniform clothing fabrics, so we must pay attention to oh. Especially the detergent into the dilution, put clothes as well.
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