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Blanket cleaning five tips - a blanket Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-18
Blanket material is a lot of more phyletic, the pure wool blankets and chemical composition of the blanket is practical chance around us more, because of the special performance in terms of cleaning blanket material is difficult, can't use the washing machine, so, exactly how to wash blanket are correct? The author made a summary here, hope to be able to help you solving the immediate blanket cleaning, few words said, and see it together.

how wash blanket is right

in the first place, the right way how to wash blanket that this problem, you should first make sure you buy the blanket is belong to the quality of the blanket. The blanket cleaning methods of different quality is different. According to the current market, we used to sell a blanket to blanket quality is roughly divided into two large. One kind is pure wool blankets, one kind is chemical composition of the blanket. The quality of the two blankets how wash method is not the same.

wool blanket can't use the washing machine. Can be damaged because of high speed rotating wool blanket. After washing wool blanket is easy to deformation. So, can only be washed by hand or to the dry cleaner to wash. Wool blanket wash to soak in cold water before a period of time, to fully wet blanket. And then put forward the blanket, extrusion part water gently, in coated with soap gently knead by hand. Avoid by all means don't put the blanket twist dry, apply hand squeeze out of the water. Easy to deformation or a blanket. Finally, blanket is generally going to them, don't directly in the sun insolates, this makes a blanket harden and contorts the, but also easy to shed. How to wash wool blanket is probably pay attention to these problems.

on the market most generally has two kinds of polyester and acrylic. This blanket can use washing machine to clean. But no extra blisters. General use of around 20 degrees cold water is the most appropriate. And, of course, hand washing effect better, of course, about how chemical composition blanket wash method and wool blanket. If you don't use clean with washing machine, washing machine directly to dry.

but take processing squeeze by hand. Blanket is given priority to with them, so that can keep the shape of the blanket, is not easy to shed. Second, if you want to make a blanket after washing, can be the last time when cleaning, add about one or two white vinegar, which can make after washing blanket looks more bright. Finally, we should bear in mind that yes, no matter what the blanket, do not use boiling, with open blisters blanket easy deformation, not only but also can make easier to wool blanket.

5 big blanket cleaning tips

1, the basin with neutral soap flakes or senior in the laundry detergent into 20 degrees weak soap, after stay in clean water soak through the blanket, put forward to moisture and then gently into the soap gently knead by hand pressure, after wash, reoccupy clear water is rinsed repeatedly several times.

2, if it is pure blankets, rinsed in in the last times, can be put in about one or two white vinegar, which can make the blanket bright as new after washing.

3, after rinsing, furl blankets, gently pressure, discharge water, then use the brush to fluff brushed neatly into the original square shape.

4, air basks in the blanket had better use two parallel bamboo pole set up, then put the blanket on the dry in shade slowly shade, avoid direct exposure in the sun, in case the blanket fade deformation.

5, air-dried blanket had better use brush again, felt to recover the original soft feel and look beautiful.

how to choose and buy a blanket?

the quality of the blanket, besides fibrous character and treatment processing, of density of fibrous of wool cloth with soft nap, weight, slub method have a good relationship. Wool cloth with soft nap is more dense more thick, the weight of unit area wool is heavier, the texture of the blanket and exterior can maintain well more, and basically, undercoat and woven blankets closely is relatively durable.

check the density of general short blanket and flexibility, there are two main methods. First of all, can use the thumb on the blanket, after pressing rapid restorable, said density knit cloth with soft nap and flexibility are better; Or fold the blanket. Fill up by invisibility more, state wool cloth with soft nap is knitted more closely, more durable, as to nap important, can see the specification on the label.
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