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Break down jacket to do _ down jacket is broken how repair? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-26
Down jacket, 羽绒服) Filled with down and feather padding coat, large round shape. General duck down volume accounted for more than half, down jacket can be mixed with some fine feathers at the same time, the duck down clean, after high temperature sterilization, after filling in the clothes is a down jacket.

but down jacket fabrics are generally more thin, wear not careful it may be cut. So down jacket is scratched how repair?

1, sewing

down jacket if is monochromatic, can use a needle and thread sewing, but down jacket need a needle and thread is more special, the very fine needle can be, we usually use needle is not in the home, needle is too thick, also will leak MAO after sewing. If you don't really have needle in your home, it is best to craft a good return to choose similar material help you repair it.

2, sewing cloth

can waste at home looking for the same color fabric clothes, cut a hole slightly larger than the head, and then use a sewing machine sewing.

3, subsidies

there is a repair down jacket decals, and buy back the cover with a towel, ironed can be labeled with the iron.

4, labels,

if down jacket is the location of the above, can oneself buy a logo. Size to cover the gap. If it is a big brand down jacket, can be sent to the manufacturer.

5, special repair glue

have sold down jacket special repair glue, cut a piece of it is good to stick in the hole directly!
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