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Briefly describe the effect of kitchen cleaning and finishing

by:Jingliang     2022-12-01
What is the effect of kitchen cleaning and finishing? The formula products of kitchen cleaning and finishing can be roughly divided into washing powder technical products for washing fresh food such as fruits and vegetables, washing powder for washing tableware, washing powder for washing cooking utensils , If according to the use of the punishment, it may be divided into food detergents and food utensils detergents. Kitchen laundry detergents may be classified as follows according to their dosage forms, functions, and usage methods. 1. According to the classification of dosage forms, the processing of kitchen detergent is mainly liquid detergent formula products, and most of them are made into transparent liquid detergent technology products, which are convenient to use, simple to make, and low sales price. The development of powder, block or paste laundry powder is mainly to save packaging and reduce storage and transportation costs. 2. According to the method of use, it is mainly divided into two categories: hand washing and machine washing. The formula of hand washing detergent should be considered to be flat and non-irritating to the skin, and the use temperature should not be too high. It is important to consider the washing of washing and finishing. as a result of. The products can also be divided into household dishwashers and public canteen dishwashers, the latter is more greasy and has a disinfection effect.
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