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Bud silk clothing washing - little common sense Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-18
Lace cleaning article

lace is made from 100% polyester or half polyester cotton, try not to put into the washing machine to clean; If cleaning bud silk clothes at home, it is must put the lace in laundry bag, with neutral detergent for washing.

but more senior lace products, or of large-area bud silk dress, preferably to cleaners or must be washed by hand, after washing with low temperature iron will wrinkles in lace, lace is good ductility, can keep the lace pattern is not twisted.

1, clean the lace to use a mild soap or special cleaning delicate texture of textile cleaner, not can use concentrated detergent, bleach of fabric damage larger cleaning agents, such as the cleaning agent can affect the stability of the color, wrecked my good products.

2, before cleaning, spread towels in the pool first, reoccupy after washing towel to lace up, lace this can prevent accidental pulled apart or cause drag mark.

3, wet lace wrapped in towels absorb moisture, the natural dry them flat out on the surface of the table.

lace maintain article

don't will bud silk dress collection in damp, ventilated place, lest cause plaque and fade; Collection will avoid desiccant, cosmetics, perfumes, chemicals such as direct contact with silk; If accidentally touched, should be timely cleaning, otherwise easy to become yellow to become black silk;

when hanging in the closet, must choose on the smooth hanger, to avoid rough, hard clothes put together, prevent lace hook is broken; Lace sleeves clothes hangers to hang up, it is best to choose cloth hangers, or the two ends of the hanger with a small towel wrapped up, won't deformation or not easy to hook silk sleeves;

part of the lace fabric straight into the elastic fibers, elastic make clothes, but not too strong or tighten the elastic fiber for a long time, can make the elastic muscle loss in the fiber, will be out of the clothes; As in the stadium to see there is the phenomenon, can cut it off and stretch muscle prominent place, will not affect the clothes look.
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