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Decryption, the safety of washing powder in daily life,

by:Jingliang     2022-12-01
Washing powder is an indispensable daily chemical in people's life, because the general use of washing powder formula has greatly improved people's quality of life. In developed countries, the use of washing powder technology has become a reflection of people's energy, face and material and cultural living standards important components. my country is a developing country, the progress of industrialization is advancing by leaps and bounds, people's material life and spiritual culture have greatly improved, and the need for laundry detergent has also accelerated. Therefore, washing powder has also been vigorously developed in my country. In the production and development of washing powder, a large number of chemicals are used, and the contact with the human body is increased during the use, and most of them are discharged with water after use. Therefore, the impact of the use of washing powder on human health and the environment is increasingly attracting the attention of scientists and environmental scientists at all levels. The basic ingredients of washing powder are nominal active agents and additives. These compounds are widely distributed around the world. Because washing powder is widely used, residues in dishwashing detergent formulations may directly or indirectly have harmful effects on human health. Therefore, there is also a high demand for detergent technology during production. There are many varieties of detergents sold in the Chinese market, and the contents of additives and raw materials are different. In addition to the inherent toxicity of various chemical substances that make up the washing powder, there are also toxic effects on organisms of the products after biodegradation or metabolism.
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