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Development - the laundry Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-28
Laundry is laundry detergent upgrade products, using nanometer technology upgrading liquid into a solid, is a kind of advanced technology, energy conservation, environmental protection, easy to carry, washing products. For a long time, washing powder always occupy the main position.

but the washing powder is not completely dissolved, in use process residues can easily lead to clothing damage, and not easy to rinse; In addition, the washing powder is strongly basic ( PH value more than 12) In use process, if don't wear gloves, it is easy to cause stimulation to the skin, hand; Although low foam and soap is easy to rinse, but at the same time easy to make clothes dry out, resulting in a decline in quality and comfort. Laundry detergent neutral PH, mild formula, mixing speed, but inevitably is clean strength is not good enough.

the following let us to fully understand the produced by nanotechnology how laundry tablets and the advantage of laundry tablets?

1, ingredients:

in the laundry detergent ingredients of non-ionic surfactant, on the basis of laundry also increase amphoteric surfactant, more able to penetrate play a role of washing clothing fibers, decontamination more thoroughly. After washing can make clothes fluffy, soft, protect color, smooth and bright, and have in addition to bacteria, mildew, and the efficacy of lasting flavor.

2, environmental protection:

laundry sheet forming with nanotechnology, higher technology content, more convenient to add the various effective environmental protection ingredients, do not contain phosphorus, is close to neutral, it does not hurt the hand, nor clothing, laundry can be completely degradation, won't cause pollution to the environment.

3, save money:

in a wide range, washing capacity equivalent cases, reduces the logistics cost, reduced carbon emissions, save energy; From small, laundry low foam Yi Piao qing, can save more than one-third of the water; And because the laundry convenient quantitative, and reduced the catharsis things unnecessary waste.

4, portable:

with the improvement of living standards, growing business, tourism, laundry detergent is not convenient to carry, and laundry is convenient to carry, this ensures you during the travel, washing clothes.
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