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Did you learn to wash the clothes _ the laundry have tips let you easily - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-23
Clothes will always hurt dirt and stains, always wash not to drop, let below small make up to solve the problem for you!

1, clean white, white sox

the obstinate stains on the clothes white is very difficult to eradicate. This time come up with a lemon slice after boiling water, put white clothes soaked in water, wash after about 15 minutes.

2, washing clothes smell

sometimes for drying clothes may not when, there will be a smelly sweat sour. White vinegar mixed with water, soak for about five minutes, and then put the clothes to dry in ventilated place can!

3, remove the pen stains

from chemical shop to buy a little oxalic acid ( Granular) , will be contaminated with pen stains clothes rub by soaking water dissolve oxalic acid, can remove traces. Due to the inability of oxalate belongs to weak acid, corrosion clothing.

4, clean up the soy sauce stains

(1) need to use sugar. Spots first soaked with water, and then sprinkle a spoonful of sugar, knead by hand. Wash with water, can remove stains.

(2) the need to use baking soda. After soaking in the white waistcoat, where is stained with soy sauce stained with baking soda, 10 minutes remove with clean water, can get rid of soy sauce stains.

3. Need to use the fresh lotus root. With a knife cut fresh lotus root, fresh lotus root juice sauce in trace, 10 minutes after washing in the water, can get rid of soy sauce stains.

5, cleaning paint

if with water soluble paint ( Water soluble paint, latex paint) And home interior wall paint, one is wash out with water in time; If nylon fabric with paint, can put on lard knead, then wash with detergent soak, clean water.

6, clean dyeing clothes

in the washing machine in the warm water, start the washing machine for rinsing, add 84 disinfectant. About a third of a bottle of half a tank of water disinfectant, rinse about 25 minutes. After 25 minutes remove clothes, the clothes to dry, will restore the original color.

if you don't want to clothes rub off, just bought new clothes, need to put some salt in the water, A bucket of water and a small spoon) 。 To rinse immediately after washing clean, do not hang around too long! Finally, don't in the sunlight, the sunlight will make dye degeneration. Should be kept in a cool, ventilated place dry.

that you have learned? Apply for your own small tips let you restore glamorous clothes quickly.
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