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Did you wash washing machine _ how to prevent secondary pollution of laundry - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-26
Washing machine is an essential tool for our laundry, share a lot of washing work daily to help us. Many netizens are also used to cast his dirty clothes into the washing machine, after the washing out to dry. But according to the scientific monitoring, hiding many washing machine in a variety of bacteria, including e. coli and other dangerous levels, causing the second pollution of laundry. So how to prevent secondary pollution of laundry? The following is to share the laundry tips.

how to wash out health, clean clothes? I suggested here, each time after washing the clothes, don't immediately shut the lid, it is best to ventilation and a half hours; In addition it is best to every three months time clean washing machine, some of dead Angle, easy to shelter evil people and practices of the washing machine place to do a simple clean up, so that it can effectively prevent bacterial growth.

today is to tell everyone about the washing machine needs to be clear which parts of the world.

a, bin:

detergent material box in accumulate over a long period of the case, very easy to hide. We need time to start work clean, wash with hot water box, the residual detergent wash clean, and keep it dry.

2, roller, door seal:

here are residual villi, foreign body. Must be regularly cleaned, don't jump. Some washing machine barrel self-cleaning function, regular cleaning roller, clean doors.

three drainage pumps, washing machine:

this is the place where is wet, so easy to breed bacteria. We need to read the instructions carefully, clear villi, removal of foreign bodies.

4, fluff filter:

this place filters the villi of the washing liquid, sometimes we forget to clean up. Maintain here is very simple, after drying, need not put detergent, just clean with water and wipe dry.

5, condensation tank:

it is moist areas, we just let the automatic washing machine to dry, then can reduce bacteria breeding.
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