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Different clothing washing method and scouring skills - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-26
To wash the clothes, the first to choose the right way of washing. But you know what?

due to stain clothing fabrics, accessories, variety, clothing production process quality and wearing a variety of factors, such as for a piece of clothing to choose the best way of washing is not easy, it requires knowledge of laundry and experience.

let's share some clothes washing details, you will experience the laundry is an attention to detail technical process.

1, how to avoid damage when scouring silk clothes?

to cautious about silk clothes scouring, professional laundry will first in edge or inconspicuous place to do the test, observation after the test condition and then determine proper scouring method, using ultrasonic scouring fabric damage can be avoided.

general consumers wearing silk clothing, one thousand with besmirch carelessly, not impatient with wet cloth to wipe, it will lead to local fade because of the wet rubbing. Press gently with a clean wet towel, only temporarily stain with suction clean, and professional cleaning as soon as possible.

2, with leather clothes dry cleaning or washing?

professional teacher in your leather, leather care according to the specific conditions of the skin, the skin wash skin, the purpose is to wash clothes at the same time, and to maximize the protective clothing original state ( Color, shape, feel, etc. ) 。 Average consumer can do only modest surface to wipe, unable to make a thorough cleaning and care. Professional laundry have special garment wash protect equipment and materials, the leather can be complete wash protect jobs.

when washing with skin ACTS the role of this kind of clothes, because each dress production process quality is different, need to wash before to communicate with customers, and get the understanding of the customer, also should be pay attention to be careful when cleaning processing, lest produce leather upholstery dyes dye migration or fade, hardening of the consequences.

3, down jacket, oil-soluble besmirch, oneself can be washed at home?

under normal circumstances, clothing manufacturers of down jacket can be washed. Down jacket in general use cycle is long, the contaminated degree will be more serious. Household small washing machine down jacket to soak cleaning completely, instead of detergent residue, after washing dry is difficult problem.

professional laundry has larger equipment, and improve the decontamination of material and process, regardless of oil or water to remove stains can be washed thoroughly, and have special drying equipment can return fill down thoroughly dry fluffy.

4, flax textiles, seat covers, sofa sets of dry cleaning or washing?

flax textiles in primary water washing will produce larger shrinkage, which shrink for the first time is often irreversible. Formal manufacturer will be conducted before sewing preshrinking, made into finished products won't shrink when washed again later.

the car seat cover or sofa cover long time use, with attachment of water-based stains more, water more thorough flushing to clean and bright. But some manufacturing must have marked dry cleaning, professional laundry will still follow the washing dry cleaning effectively.

5, suede clothing to wear after use to produce the phenomenon of the wool, can repair?

method one:

from the fabric on the back of the use of steam steaming, suede positive brush with a soft brush gently caresses fluff.

method 2:

use wool fabric softener after processing according to the above method. 。

professional laundry factory equipped with three-dimensional portrait machine, can put the whole clothing ironing by inside and outside the three-dimensional plastic, can remove wrinkles can also return the phenomenon of the pile.

6, wash the carpet?

carpet shop for a long time, stamping on the floor, all the dust dirt piled up on the carpet, in addition to daily with cleaner and cleaning, must be the professional carpet cleaning on a regular basis.

professional laundry operator has a spacious place, using special cleaning utensils and cleaner with disinfection sterilization, the carpet of each gap rinse thoroughly. Dry clean carpet pass full to collect in store, avoid mildew growing bacteria. The general environment that occupy the home is difficult to effectively clean the carpet.

to see these technology to share, you may have felt, to find the most suitable for all kinds of clothes washing method is very difficult. For ordinary consumers, encounter difficult to wash clothes, better left to the professional laundry easier then.
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