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Different fabrics different drying ways Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-24
Everyone will wash clothes, but can you really hanging clothes? In fact, the clothes to dry and store is to have cultured.

improper way of drying not only can make clothes fade, comfort, reduce, use cycle is shorten, also may increase the risk of dust adhesion in the clothing surface, affecting the health of themselves and their families.

what clothes the dish drying, which again the anti air?

most material coat is suitable for the drying, can avoid clothing positive direct contact with the sun. Especially the following four categories:

class 1 silk clothing

silk material is qualitative soft, light feeling is bad, if direct exposure in the sun can reduce fabric fade, softness and advice in a cool ventilated place dry naturally.

similarly, silk by should also avoid sun exposure, otherwise it will affect the quilt volume, comfort and service life.

2 chemical fiber clothes

common materials for chemical fiber polyester, polypropylene, polyamide, acrylic, polyurethane, etc. , such material toughness is low, the strong ultraviolet rays will make filaments aging rupture, also easy to cause discoloration and faded, affect the service life of the clothing, therefore is suitable for dry in the shade.

fabrics of different drying methods is not the same as

3 knitted clothing

sweater, sweaters, trousers, scarves and other knitted clothing, anti air can avoid weakening the cloth, harden.

the knitting class clothing scale is bigger, easy to deformation, suggestion will wash the sweater inside out and place it inside your clothes a net to dry, if the space allows can flat out to dry.

in addition, what need reminds is, pure wool sweater, coats to avoid drying in the sun. Because the scale layer on the surface of the wool fiber have a layer of thin film, natural oil amine can keep the wool soft luster.

as in the sun insolates, this film would occur because of the high temperature oxidation layer oil amine and metamorphosis, affect the service life, so they should be placed in a cool ventilated place dry.

4 cotton class clothing

of cotton and linen clothes can be dried in the sun directly, is sun or the sun's influence on the fabric is not big.

but if it is pure white or colored clothes, in turn, air is basked in, best can avoid fabric yellowing or fade.

best dish drying close-fitting underwear. Because the sun will make the clothes close-fitting side exposed to air, dust and microorganism in the air of direct contact with the skin, is not conducive to human health.

what need reminds is, no matter the underwear or jacket, whether is drying or the sun, it is best to dry away in the day that day, otherwise the dust and microorganism in clothing is piling up.
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