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Different material with oily be soiled have what dispel the trick? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-21
The kitchen is the battlefield of housewives, but because cook often infected with grease. Oil is insoluble in water, so without first washing after with oily be soiled, can do it in clothing, first direct daub is on the oily be soiled with laundry and let stand for 5 minutes, reoccupy conventional washing laundry.

also note that some of the special material with oily be soiled after removing method is slightly different. In this paper, we care about most cotton clothes and jeans for example.


because oil easy to seep into the fibrous inside, so be quick change out of washing, otherwise it is difficult to wash the long period of time. Washing before you can add a few drops of household kitchen detergent in oily be soiled, melting grease. To use regular laundry detergent warm machine wash.

the cowboy clothing

Step 1 check clothing label, confirm that clothes can be washed and not easy to fade. If no special instructions, general jeans can be washed, Recommend not frequent washing) 。

Step 2 for stubborn stains, first apply a suitable amount of laundry detergent directly and covered in besmirch place, and then placed for 5 minutes.

Step 3 in a suitable amount of laundry detergent, 40 ℃ conventional washing with washing machine to get the best scouring effect
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