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Do laundry this line, how can you don't understand the fabric these terms? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-20
Every profession has its own language, the language is generally called terminology. Also, the fabric has its own language, has its own terminology.

in terms of technical description, buyers need to make sense of the raw material composition, including density, surface of each cm per square metre gram weight, each of the kiwi line on the number of yarn, each parallel groove in the pull strength, width and length of shrinkage, color fastness, price error. Color

whitening, black, white, red, purple, purple, green, gray, turquoise blue, yellow, khaki, fruit, bronzing, fuschia, blackish green, pea green to bake with, navy blue, sky blue, pink, beige, orange, the color of camel's hair

quality standard


testing standards

color fastness, dimensional stability, appearance durability, tensile strength, tear strength and seam slippage, pilling resistance, abrasion resistance, water repellency, water resistance, fabric density, yarn count, quality and so on.

fabric type

has tabby, twill, satin, chiffon, jacquard, burnt-out, spring and spinning, plaid, striped, double, double color, flower yao, koshibo, chiffon, georgette, silk, spandex, Oxford cloth, canvas, denim, polyester/cotton, polyester, twist, white spinning, spinning, air spinning, washing black velvet crepe of er/peach skin velvet, flocking, flocking, glass yarn, etc.

material of

are polyester, polyamide, acetate, cotton, cotton, rayon, emulation silk, silk, spandex, filament, staple fiber, black silk, cationic, triangular profiled wire, air textured yarn, superfine fiber, fdy, pre oriented yarn, draw textured yarn, drafting twisting wire, etc.

fastness in

these categories is very complex, is just a, the color fastness to soaping fastness, rubbing fastness and light fastness, color fastness, color fastness to perspiration, watermarks, fastness to chlorine bleaching white and so on.

the price error

fabric sourcing, there will be a short code and empty, poor generally buy machine weaving there will be a short code, buy knitted fabric will be empty and rolls.

1, short code number is less than m meters of the money. Short fabric code calculation standard: according to the standard is + / - woven fabrics 2%, knitting + / 3%.

2, empty and film only to buy fabric by weight, volume and is playing the sort of. Paper tube as the name suggests is a roll of fabric center has a cylinder, and difference is paper tube center is not empty. There are rolls of fabric when weighing basic is to heavy, but did not affect to concerning meters with and without film. The same fabric, net cloth and take paper tube unit price is different, for example, net cloth is 30 yuan a kilogram of; With cylinder, empty 2 kg, the price is 27.

fabric language is very important, if not very good grasp, will affect their business. For material procurement of meters after number or lack of weight, need to ask clear, ask to avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble, you said right?
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