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Do you know how much soap you have? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-27
Home before washing with soap, now mostly was replaced by liquid soap, shower gel. Actually soap is the most environmental protection to use cleaner, and soap, in addition to wash his clothes, and much more special purpose, caitlin small make up to introduce to everyone today.

one foot, prevent shoes grinding

generally bought new shoes hurt feet, especially high heels, some will be torn skin, even leave a scar. Actually a bar of soap can solve the problem of grinding the feet shoes, shoes in grinding foot rub soap, the inside of the shoes becomes smooth, simple and effective.

2, skin itching,

is after mosquito bites the skin will be particularly urticant, can apply some soap and water, there is a very good effect on relieving itching. Because soap is alkaline, and acidic toxins produced mosquito bites.

3, odor to space

general home shoe ark can have peculiar smell, it is also hard to avoid, just make a small piece of soap in the shoe ark, the fragrance of soap can be a very good cover shoe ark of peculiar smell, and does not smell fresh glutinous.

4, lubrication

ordinary clothes zipper, or drawer slides will take a long time there will be caton, this time can apply some soap on it, can have very good lubrication effect.

5, prevent fog mirror

the bathroom mirror especially easy to spray, especially in the shower, and clean is more troublesome. Can on the mirror surface coated with a layer of soap, with a paper towel or rag wipe up, there will be a very good anti fog effect, might as well give it a try.

6, refurbished watches, jewelry,

watches, jewellery to wear long, cracks inside smudgy nurgle difficult to clean, and not beautiful. This time can wipe on soap with a paper towel, very easy to clean. Jewelry surfaces can also be put soap bubbles in water, wipe fiber cloth, generally can reach look brand-new.

7, mouldproof deinsectization

the chest of a lot of people at home can put camphor ball insect, but camphor ball easy allergy, actually completely soap can be used in place of the camphor ball. Wardrobe in the corner to put the soap, mouldproof deinsectization effect is prominent.

eight, clean up the bottom of the pot coal YanZi

the woks with long, thick often have a pot of soot dirt, it is difficult to clean up. In the bottom of the pot before using coated with a layer of soap, and so on the bottom of a black, gently wipe can erase.
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