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Down how to cleaning and maintenance _ down what should pay attention to cleaning and maintenance - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-26
Warm lies mainly in feather down jacket, down jacket and down jacket is duck down or goose down more birds, paying special attention to when the protein fiber in cleaning methods, improper methods will cause down jacket warmth retention property is reduced greatly, and make the down jacket fabric easily aging, etc. So how do down jacket cleaning and maintenance?

a cleaning, down jacket,

1, must be washed by hand,

dry cleaning with the potion will affect the warmth, also can make cloth ageing; Machine wash and dry after screwed beat down jacket will be uneven, makes the clothing contorts and beauty effect.

2, rinse water temperature 30 degrees

down jacket cold water immersion make its full moisture first, and then put down jacket in 30 degrees of detergent soak in warm water, and then gently scrub with a soft brush. Rinse the same.

3, using too much detergent concentration

if the concentration is too high, full down jacket is very difficult to clean, and residual detergent will affect the volume down, greatly reduce the warmth retention property.

4, it is best to use a neutral detergent

neutral detergent for cloth and down minimum damage, if the use of alkaline detergent rinse clean would destroy down jacket, affect beautiful. Can use after rinse twice

5, cannot twist dry

can't twist dry, down jacket after being washed should be moisture extrusion to tile or hang to dry, prohibit exposure, do not iron. After dry can gently pat down jacket to restore fluffy when

6, banned clean with washing machine

down jacket when dry will produce a large amount of gas can't eduction, can appear when over the limit similar & other; The explosion & throughout; Phenomenon, easy to produce risk.

2, down jacket, the maintenance of the

1, take off when suspended in time

down jacket off to pay attention to don't knead into a ball on the sofa, had better be on a hanger, no hangers, should also be neat aside, in order to avoid crumpled or

2, unfavorable often washing

the filling of down jacket is velvet, often wash will make the cloth with soft nap through needle sewing & other; Ran out & throughout; Or clumps affect warmth, often wash will affect the service life of the outer.

3, often air is basked in

winter coats worn for too long at a time, generally about five days can change on a. Replaced it on the balcony of ventilation air is basked in. Don't let the sun straight

4, clean

often desk can buy a set of cuff on the arm. Both can maintain their own image, and can avoid down jacket sleeve wear dirty on the desk.

5, don't wear when

thoroughly clean, completely dry before they can receive the wardrobe. Can be received in a garment bag, avoid dust. Take out timely ventilation air is basked in.
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