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Down jacket can use local cleaning method? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-23
In cold winter, down jacket is essential to keep warm, but a thick down jacket is not easy to clean, improper cleaning method still can let down jacket & other; Throughout life &; At a discount. China down industrial association expert ZhuHui hint, down jacket can be used in a local cleaning method, generally speaking, it is best not to use the old twin pulsator washing machine to wash down jacket.

if down jacket is only partial a bit dirty, can be in smudgy place a few drops down jacket cleaner or neutral detergent. Let stand for a few minutes later with a wet towel to dry. If you don't clean it again, can be repeated several times.

someone previously encountered by washing machines wash down jacket, lead to washing machines & other; The explosion & throughout; 。 This mainly occur in older twin pulsator washing to dry. Down jacket use waterproof fabrics, light quality, poor permeability, completely submerged when catharsis, feather gather together, can produce large gap down jacket. Works at high speed to jilt, feather swelling after dehydration, air is produced inside the down jacket, also is bad, will keep down jacket tide, in the washing machine, washing machine at the same time the lining and down jacket great static friction, it may cause & other; The explosion & throughout; 。

the old twin pulsator washing machine to take off the bucket with a lid, used for pressure, the space is narrow, speed faster, easier to burst in the dry down jacket. Single cylinder pulsator washing machine space is large, relatively slower speed, can immediately open the lid when an exception occurs forced to stop. Machine wash down jacket is the best choice of platen washing machine, can choose soft washing mode, when set low speed mode. Some platen washing machine for washing, dry even set down jacket model, cleaning rise more convenient also.
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