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Down jacket will explode _ how dry blast - not down jacket Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-26
Down coats the inside of the filler is duck feather quill, and so on, a lot of washing machine is not can be used to wash down jacket, there is a risk of explosion, take a look at.

a washing machine, wash down jacket will explode?

actually said this topic in every year, but similar accident still continuously. Recently, changchun du is also put down jacket in the washing machine to dry, causing dry tank exploded, on the edge of the dolly tub barrels also blown out of a hole in the wall, with their clothes with the washing machine is broken. Shijiazhuang zhang home for nearly a decade of washing machine, is also in the dry down jacket & quot; Sacrifice & quot; .

2, why use washing machines wash down jacket will explode?

there are two major reasons:

1, down jacket, outer usually have waterproof coating, works at high speed to jilt, the full absorption of water down swelling after dehydration, air is produced inside the down jacket, and waterproof coating for gas discharge, will keep down jacket enlarged, all the washing machine, it may cause & quot; The explosion & quot;

2, down jacket and washing machine in the process of dry wall will generate static electricity, the short-term, the large amount of heat generated is likely similar & quot; The explosion & quot; Phenomenon.

the explosion is more old-fashioned parallel bars washing machine, now most of the new washing machine has the function of down jacket washing in the washing machine. These washing machines are set up 600 revolutions per minute or low speed 800 RPM, suitable for washing down jacket, part of the washing machine can also be adjusted to wash clothes automatically.

3, down jacket, how dry blast not

most platen washing machine can be used to dry down jacket

most of the washing machine can be used to wash down jacket, but not dry. Especially not sealing washer-dryer, pulsator washing machine is not suitable for dry down jacket. And most of the platen washing machine can be used to dry down jacket.

in fact, in addition to the down jacket, raincoat, car covers, such as poor water imbibition of things can't use the washing machine to wash. If the citizens want to washer-dryer, pulsator washing machine to dry down jacket, can sling when after rinsing, down jacket coat on a sturdy, loose string bag, can prevent down jacket so bloated and explosion.

in the end, the need to remind everybody is, if you want to keep down jacket warmth retention property, it is better to wash. Because machine wash and dry, and screwed down jacket after stirring, easily lead to uneven filling, make clothing contorts, affect beautiful and warmth retention property.

and dry cleaning with the potion will affect the warmth, also can make cloth ageing. So, do it yourself is the best choice! Both exploded when they don't have to worry about washing machines wash down jacket, without love dearly down jacket is washing machine mixing into rags!

4, down jacket, the daily maintenance of

if at ordinary times must pay attention to clean down jacket, try to reduce the number of washing, placed in ventilated, dry place, will help down jacket and maintenance.

winter passed, receive down jacket. With breathable items ( Such as sorting bags) Wrap, put a grain of camphor ball to prevent bug eat by moth, then stored in ventilated dry inside the wardrobe, pay attention to the above not be under pressure.

summer and fall much rain, after the rainy season, had better take out your down jacket air dry, prevent mildew; If found to have mildew, usable cotton ball with alcohol to clean, scrub with a clean wet towel clean and dry after appearing again properly. But not in the sun exposure, or new clothes are likely to fade into the old clothes.
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