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Down what are the characteristics of _ down - what's the use Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-26
As long as the associated with the winter, the mind will always be the first time I think of that brings warm in cold winter down jacket and duvets, or thin or thick, long or short, or let a person look back of the crowd watching the streets, or in the work on the cold wind from the cold for you, what is the characteristics of the feather?

feather is long, the goose and duck's stomach into reed flowers of villi, the slice of feathers.

1, isolated from the cold air

goose and duck still swim from freezing in the winter, because have a layer of down and feather, to form a layer of insulation protective net, make the body temperature is not easy to send out, the outside cold invasion. Made of feather as a filling material products, therefore, its thermal performance is unmatched by other filling material.

2, light soft

as the saying goes, & other; Light as a feather, heavier than mount tai & throughout; Natural features, feather is visible light, soft, so wear, feather products is feel at ease, soft, comfortable, and easy to collect and carry.

3, not easy to wrinkle

feather fiber structure special, fleeciness sense is strong, forming natural stereo, so feather products is not easy to wrinkle, dressed in nature.

4, dry

feather fiber structure is special, it is a hollow tube, tube wall is thin, many hair silk link together to form a cube, evaporation of sweat discharge, dry and maintain the human body.
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