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Dry cleaners, mildew in summer clothes don't accept? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-22
Dry cleaners, mildew in summer clothes don't accept? Summer weather damp clothes easy to mildew, front desk when you receive clothes, five kinds of clothes should be treated with caution & ndash; —

1. What is artificial leather mildew ( PU) Clothes can't accept the

after artificial leather clothes mildew, are prone to peeling fading

2. Mould coating of clothes can't accept the

coating after clothes mildew, easily lead to coating mold parts fall off

3. Serious mouldy cotton, linen fabric can't accept the

mildew clothing fibers embrittlement, mildew does not disappear after washing and easy broken

4. Mildew, silk protein such as clothes need to be careful of the closed

protein fibre mildew easy generation bug eat by moth, after countless holes phenomenon is seen after washing

5. Polyester fabric mildew spot serious wash not to drop the

must be in when you receive clothes for a possible situation, in order to avoid disputes after washing
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