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Dry cleaning and washing, the things you don't understand? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-21
What clothes can't dry cleaning
can't dry cleaning clothing: have a down jacket, close-fitting clothing, clothing, elastic fibers with a usu accessories to clothing, leather fake leather clothing, wedding dresses, carpet, GPS positioning items, electrostatic flocking a pullover, paraffin filler, composite fabrics, clothing, sportswear, etc. For dry cleaning USES the tetrachloroethylene solvent washing, to damage the filling of clothing, ornaments, such as fabric, the influence degree of the beautiful sex of clothes and keep warm! For example: after dry cleaning down jacket, the grease of the feather will be dry lotion decomposition, resulting in down jacket lose warmth! Artificial leather clothing after dry cleaning thoroughly completely decomposed by tetrachloroethylene, produces the overall embrittlement harden!

what kind of clothes can't wash the

you can't wash clothes, suits, dress, cheongsam, tang suit, mink fur coat, car cushion, fur coats, cashmere wool coat, silk printing and dyeing clothing, etc. Wool cashmere products need dry cleaning, if choose water may cause the risk of shrinkage deformation, modelling requirements of clothing is not washed, such as pleated skirt or suit after wash, can cause the risk of serious deformation cannot recover!

the advantages of the dry cleaning

for dry cleaning USES is without water washing, but USES the tetrachloroethylene or as a carrier for washing oil solvent washing decontamination on clothes! Dry cleaning has the advantages of: sterilization effect, strong degreasing effect, washing speed, good type insect-resistant eat by moth, etc!

the advantages of water

because water can be used many times in washing water, make water to wash clothes the advantages of high washing cleanliness, especially for light color or white close-fitting clothing, after washing transparency than dry highlight a lot! For perspiration stains, milk, blood, beverage and other besmirch, not only cannot remove after dry cleaning, strengthening the stain resistant, water washing process easier to wash the stain!
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