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Dry cleaning, before you all pay attention to these problems? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-22
One is try to choose business field scale, service facilities, after-sales service specification of formal, reputable laundry, don't just figure is cheap and convenient grab a laundry to send clothes. Best before washing, comrade around to know about the dry cleaner's credibility.

2 it is to see if the cleaners to handle industrial and commercial business license and other necessary business qualifications, to ensure full certificates. Avoid by all means to unlicensed laundry laundry.

3 it is to take a closer look at the cleaner's fill out the laundry credentials. To the dry cleaner look carefully fill in the laundry credentials, especially controversial fill in the content must be put forward, in order to avoid a dispute in the future.

4 it is before dry cleaning high-grade clothes, consumer must ask dry cleaners in the service document clearly indicate the brand of the clothing, fabric, color, the breakage of the clothing, faded, etc. , also calls for dry cleaners and determine the amount of value recognition on both sides, once the bad washing can claim accordingly.

five is when consumers take clothes, be sure to control receipt, carefully check the wash clothes, if there are any objection put forward face to face, and keep relevant evidence, lest their own rights and interests is damaged.

six is pay attention to the safety and hygiene of the dry cleaning. General cleaning solvent & other; Tetrachloroethylene & throughout; Have a harm to human body, after it back, should be timely hang dry in ventilated place, without peculiar smell after wear or in the closet.

7 is if and operators can't to talk things over solve disputes occurs, keep good dry cleaning documents, appeal or complaint to the relevant departments in time.
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