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Dry-cleaning shrink - there may be the reason Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-21
Dry cleaning is refers to is the tetrachloroethylene organic solvent instead of water as medium, such as clothing and textile cleaning technology. Dry-cleaning tend to join the right amount of water to remove water-soluble dirt and stains, but excessive water content in oil of dry cleaning can lead to problems such as clothes shrink, dry cleaning shrinking may be caused by the following several ways:

1, soap oil, add quantity too much, much more than 1% of the volume ratio;

2, laundry by itself is very humid, water content is larger;

3, there is something wrong with the water separator;

4, steam piping for leaks.

dry cleaning is to protect the best method of washing clothes deformation and damage of, still can prolong the service life of clothing. After got the stains on clothes need to as soon as possible at the dry cleaner, if the stains on clothes stay a long time, may not be able to remove. Before washing the clothes must be smudgy conditions to the dry cleaner, in particular, some light color or invisible splashes, such as from the soft drinks, juice or wine stains etc, only in this way, the laundry operators can be effectively dealt with before dry cleaning besmirch.

also should pay attention to in daily wear clothes don't put the perfume, shampoo, deodorant, anti-perspirant on clothes, because this kind of material may contain alcohol, affects the effect of some dyes; Pure silk garments can't with too much sweat, because perspiration stains on clothes will cause fiber rub off; Daily washing can be used to form a complete set of fabric wash together, when such fabrics fade is consistent, color after washing is still very harmonious, such as the bedspread and sheets, etc. Before the laundry ironing besmirch place, because heat will make these stains stronger.
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