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Dry cleaning when five keys - must be checked Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-26
1, check whether there is any customer didn't pay on clothes pocket inside clean items, presence of wounds, have off color, etc.

2, check the clothing of the fiber material, under the condition of dry cleaning will be destroyed, special attention should be paid to the following two points:

A: some clothes the whole material no problem, but the partial Mosaic materials have artificial leather, pimp, touching the dry cleaning solvent will send hard brittle or even dyeing.

B, now the clothes have a lot of is an internal coating or coating, some dry cleaning solvent coating contact will have adverse reactions ( Recommend washing) 。

3, check the clothing color fastness, can dip in with a dry towel with a little solvent in a small place hard to wipe, this can be determined under the condition of dry cleaning will have serious fade.

4 checks on decorations, clothes: some plastic buttons will be dry cleaning solvent dissolution, to remove the before wash, wash again after nail; Some decorations can wear or hook bad clothes fiber, need to use buttons such as protective appliance wrapped in advance; Some decorations are with adhesive on the clothes, to determine whether the glue will dissolve in the solvent loss; And so on.

5, monitor the dirt of the clothes, see there is no need to make before scouring or processing, because not all the stains can be in the process of washing machines has been completely removed.
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