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Drying deformation sweater? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-25
Most cannot leave the winter is warm sweater, but incorrect sweater sweater points minutes drying way will make deformation, if you want to wear a fashionable elegant rocks, be sure to get the correct way of drying the sweater, quickly how to look at some sweaters to dry under the deformation.

method one: plastic drain water

( 1) Clean sweater.

( 2) Prepare a clean plastic bags;

( 3) The sweater into the plastic bags;

( 4) Plunge into a few tiny holes at the bottom of the bag, let the water flow in the sweater;

( 5) Gently squeeze plastic bags, increase water outflow;

( 6) Suspension for an hour or so, the moisture loss was about the same, the sweater out;

( 7) Tile drying to eight or nine points dry, reoccupy racks normal hang dry it.

note: also can use mesh bags instead of plastic bags, or with mesh air pocket, and supermarkets. If it is a few sweaters hang together, put the following deep color.

method 2: towel blot moisture

( 1) Clean sweater.

( 2) With a clean white towel neatly wrapped in sweater.

( 3) Squeeze gently, let towel to absorb the moisture on the sweater;

( 4) The sweater will suck flat out on the sheet (or other flat surface Objects of a certain water imbibition is better) ;

( 5) Such as sweaters to eight, normal hang dry it with hangers.

method three: washing machine dehydration + flat to dry

( 1) Will wash the sweater with a laundry bag, or article hold objects, such as good bundle, with filar socks into washing machines, dehydration a minute;

( 2) Out of the sweater, tile on a large towel, the sweater tension leveling, placed ventilated place for a day or two.

( 3) For sweater works eight or nine minutes, and then to normal air.

method 4: use opportunely hanger to dry

( 1) The sweater, with opposite drying;

( 2) Prepare a coat hanger, the sweater folded in half once;

( 3) The hanger hook position on the armpits, inclined into the sweater, as shown in figure:

( 4) The surface of the lower half of the sweater:

( 5) To also turn up sleeves:

( 6) This sweater overall relatively balanced force, will not lead to deformation due to gravity.

note: before drying, gently twist off the excess water first, and must be in the dry towels absorb moisture, can prevent deformation of sweater. Also can at the same time also several racks to dry, can disperse weight more, prevent deformation of sweater.
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