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Fabrics of a spindle what do you mean? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-18
Fabrics of a spindle what do you mean? General zonal fabric weaving factory said, also is the direction of the horizontal one call a bobbin yarn, because previous loom weft is shuttle guidance in the past, but now with the shuttleless loom, the shuttle with water or air to weft insertion.

add a shuttle is in the fabric of weft density to increase a weft per cm, to increase the density of the density of material. Such cost will increase a lot, on the one hand is the yarn cost increases, but is not very big, the key is will increase the cost of knitting fabrics, add a shuttle fabric weaving cost per meter will add to zero. 02-0. 6 yuan, varies by the loom.

fabric in zonal spindle is what mean? Refers to weft yarn one inch how much the meaning of the root. General tatting fabric is a shuttle to play in a spindle, so how many shuttle.
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