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Female sliced laundry; Technological innovation - leverage wash protect market Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-27
As the change of domestic consumption structure, and the development of biotechnology, more traditional industry is undergoing renovation and subversion. Today we visit the company and lead you to understand a are & other; Subversion products market & throughout; The women's products.

the laundry products for female underwear, the most advanced technology to obtain the national patent technology to the traditional laundry & other; Liquid & throughout; Into a laundry & other; Throughout the &; , under the innovation of technology and biological technology, laundry occupied the wash protect, clean market technical commanding heights.

laundry decontamination ability, the traditional indexes such as sterilization ability, far more than the traditional laundry detergent, plant extraction technology, and the product against female vaginal ph environment adaptation. The starting point of this is entirely based on women's health technology research and development.

the personage inside course of study says, because instead of washing powder is the trend of The Times, due to the drive technology and consumption upgrade, laundry instead of laundry detergent trend is foreseeable. Laundry tablets as a high-end lingerie wash protect products, is still in the high-end fashion, pay attention to the health of women experience and word-of-mouth.
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