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Flax knitting fabric price and fabric to identify and washing method is introduced Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-18
Flax knitting fabric price is constantly changing, the main factors influencing the flax knitting fabric price depends on the of the fabric. So also should pay attention to when choose in different fabrics flax knitting fabric price.

that sells on the market price of high quality pure linen is higher. The price also can reflect the quality of linen. Most cheap linen flocculant with hemp woven, short fiber. Individual businesses put half of linen, cotton cloth with linen to sell, we can use the following method to distinguish.

( 1) Pervious to light see geographic thickness is uniform. If geographic too uniform, the likelihood is cotton fabric.

( 2) Tighten the compactness of fabric inspection to see woven.

( 3) High quality linen is brown color, luster, bibulous evenly. Hemp qualitative is bad, be processed into soft fiber linen, bibulous uneven, after wet.

( 4) Worsted linen, surface of wool cloth with soft nap is less is better.

( 5) Half of linen and firmness.

( 6) Pull a thread, if both ends are bent and points * phenomenon, the line of cotton. Be torn linen, both ends should be smooth, otherwise not pure.

( 7) Such as the caustic soda water spread on the canvas, linen can present tan, cotton is light yellow.

flax fabrics - Washing method

maintenance is the key of the linen clothes washing and ironing. Must grasp the water temperature when washing. The temperature of the water not too high, should be controlled below 35 degrees Celsius and 40 degrees Celsius. Linen fabric can use washing machine to wash, but must use cold water. Washing linen clothing should use some neutral detergent, and can't use collar net such as efficient detergent. In addition, must not let the linen clothes come into contact with acidic substances, flax fiber, is sensitive to acid, acid devastating of plant fiber, it is easy to burn out the clothes.
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