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Formulation and manufacturing technology of laundry powder containing layered silicate

by:Jingliang     2022-12-14
Laundry powder with laminated silicate 【Properties】 White or colored powder particles with good fluidity. 【Reference formula】The important ingredients are similar to individual washing powder (10301). The additive utilizes layered silicates. Refer to Table 1-42, Table 1-43 and Table 1-44 for reference formula. Table 1-42 Reference formula in the reference formula of layer -like silicate laundry powder/part of the amount/partial crystal di silicon SKS -6 40 TAED 5 helping additive 5 nominal active agent 20 sodium carbonate 20 small materials 20 small materials 10 Table 1-43 Reference formula ingredient dosage/part of layered silicon-containing phosphorus-free powder Sodium Silicate 2. 00 Yuan Powder Blood Real Estroma 16. 00 Table 1-44 The reference formula of the reference formula of the phosphorus -free washing powder for the layer of the silicon industry / the amount of the composition of the composition / serving AE0 -9 10.0 Original NAZS103 15.0las 5.0 NA2C03 20.0.0 SKS-6 30.0 Yuan Mingfen 20.0 【Preparation method】See the production process of individual washing powder (10301) 【Product Standard】 GB/T 13171-1997 【Use】Wash all kinds of clothes.
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