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Foshan Cleaning Products introduces how to teach your child to do laundry

by:Jingliang     2023-09-18
Laundry is a fact of everyone's life, so it's a good idea to get kids involved in the process as early as possible. It starts when your kids are toddlers because at that age they want to be everything adults do. Of course, they make some mistakes——we all commit——But you'll teach them life skills they'll use forever and get some help for themselves. Toddler Learning Laundry Skills with Games For a very young child, chores are fascinating. That pile of clothes can accommodate all kinds of fun possibilities. This is a time to talk to your child about why we need clothes and why we need laundry. Involving children at a young age will build rapport and hopefully transition to ongoing laundry skills when they can actually take over laundry for themselves or their family. As always, keeping young children safe in the laundry room away from machines and laundry products is a top priority. While you're doing laundry, play games with clothes like: Matching Colors (great for matching socks! How Recognizing and Matching Shapes Counting Helps Elementary Students Help With Laundry As kids get older, their attention spans are less like"like mom and dad"."They would rather do many other things than help with laundry. However, you can do your part by explaining the laundry process and making its execution as smooth and simple as possible. Try some laundry-themed books for elementary readers, or you can even try some laundry riddles and jokes to make it seem like more fun! Place laundry baskets or baskets in every bedroom and bathroom. Separation baskets are useful for separating colors and whites. Give each family member a sock mesh bag. The bag can be thrown in the washer and dryer to prevent losing socks. Show kids how to hang clothes and install wardrobe bars low enough for kids to reach them. Label dresser drawers with text or pictures so kids can put their clothes away. Explain the difference between dirty clothes and clothes that have been worn but can be worn. Clip clothes to the side of each basket. Teach family members to use them to mark stains. Ask each household member to be responsible for returning clean clothes to the bedroom or storage area. Teach your child to do laundry only if you know your child is capable of following instructions and handling the equipment needed to do laundry. I started doing laundry for my whole family when I was about ten years old. I made a few mistakes including throwing my mom's cardigan in the washing machine. It shrunk very small and I learned a very hard lesson! When you feel your child is ready, use these basic steps to teach your preteen or teen how to do laundry. Bringing Teens and Dirty Clothes to the Laundry Getting your teen and his dirty laundry to the laundry can be a tricky step in how to teach your teen to do laundry. You might put up with some dazzling, gulps, and whining, but you'll teach them an essential skill that they'll use in college and for the rest of their lives. Help them find labels Tell your teen how and why to check labels. The label will tell them if the item can be machine washed. will be marked with"wash separately"or"handwashing"of all clothes into separate piles. As a novice cleaner, teach them whether to say"just clean", trust the label and put in the bag to take to a dry cleaner or teach them how to use a DIY home dry cleaning bag. Teach them colors, again I know, you taught them colors years ago but now is the time to review. Have them sort clothes by color. White, crayon, light grey and white background prints will come in a pile. dark colored clothes——black, red, navy, brown, dark grey——Stack up again. Now, have them sort each pile once by fabric type. For example, separate towels and sheets from clothing in a pile of white. In dark colors, T-shirts and jeans are separated from lighter weight items such as shirts and dress shirts. Washing with fabric type allows you to use the correct water temperature and keep the drying cycle simple. Once they've mastered this skill, you can share that if there aren't enough items to make a full load of each type and you're in a hurry, you can wash all the colors together. Just be sure to choose cold water, the correct load size, and a wash cycle that matches the delicate items in your washer. However, you may want to save this information until they gain more experience. Remind them to check that all pockets are empty——Even tissues and paper. Remove any accessories such as belts and jewelry. Close all zippers and buttons. The editor of laundry products recommends Jingliang, which is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the research, development, production and sales of washing and cleaning products.
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