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Frequently change garments according to the laundry - remember different cycle Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-20
Some people love clean, see clothes have besmirch, immediately remove cleaning; Others doesn't matter, habit every throw the dirty clothes concentrated washing machine for a while. In fact, the clothes is the best cleaning cycle, want to wash clean, different cycle will know laundry!

jeans & gt; > >

add some white vinegar is not easy to rub off

cleaning cycle: 4 & ndash; After 5 times in

jeans cleaning may cause jeans fade or wear. When cleaning with warm water to immerse in the first place. Then turn it over jeans washing, hand rub off dirt, finally hang to dry in the shade.

tips: put the jeans in water with two tablespoons of white vinegar, soak for about half an hour, so they won't be so serious.

lingerie & gt; > >

not timely cleaning bacteria more

cleaning cycle, timely cleaning don't overnight

underwear for secretion protein, if not timely cleaning will grow bacteria, produce peculiar smell. Underwear to wash separately. Put special underwear underwear rub gently 3 - clean soap water After 5 minutes, then rinse off with clear water.

tips: during the period of women underwear, can be soaked with water for a while first, reoccupy contains protein enzyme detergent to wash.

pajamas & gt; > >

for a long time not to wash vulnerable to diseases

cleaning cycle: 3 - After four times in

close-fitting gown if not clean for a long time, may cause skin infections, cystitis, such as health risks. It is best to wash in cold water, and put in the shade to dry, the sun will shorten the service life of pajamas.

tips: new pajamas, had better use saline soak for half an hour, then use detergent to clean air.

sweater & gt; > >

learn to clean these five words

cleaning cycle: 8 - After 10 times

sweater don't need to clean frequently. Remember when cleaning & other; Temperature, kneading, extrusion, vacuum, stand & throughout; Five word tactic, namely, 29 ℃ warm water wash, gently rub 2 - quickly Crowd out after 5 minutes, rinse clean water, with towel blot, lay flat to dry.

tips: add a small amount of hair conditioner in the water, will be conducive to protect the soft cashmere.

winter coat & gt; > >

but wait for the change garments according to the cleaning

cleaning cycle: 1 - in the first quarter 2 times

winter during change garments according to the cleaning, washing too often can reduce the heat preservation performance. To wash down jacket, should be soaked in cold water for 20 minutes, then add the neutral detergent, using a soft brush to scrub gently again. Cashmere coat suggested that dry cleaning. And easy to dirty such as hats, gloves, scarves, wash much are frequently, usually wash 3 - in the first quarter 5 times.

tips: leather if there is no obvious smudgy, wiped gently with a piece of cloth with soda water after dry can. If it is found that mould or stains on the leather can't remove, best cleaned.

sports equipment & gt; > >

can't soak for a long time

cleaning cycle: every time after wearing the

fitness will be a lot of sweat, sports equipment cleaning select 30 minutes of soap bubble or washed by hand in cold water, then hang to dry, try to reduce machine wash and dry.

tips: sports equipment immersion time shoulds not be too long so as not to appear each dye or shrink phenomenon.

silk & gt; > >

don't twist dry wash rinse

cleaning cycle: 3 - After four times in

silk hand washing is the best, soaking with neutral soap, time don't more than 15 minutes, the water temperature is not high, with the hand gently rub with clean water, after the net to soap, do not twist dry in ventilated place dry.

tips: no conditions ironed, can dry after fold flat into the sealed plastic bag, frozen 12 hours.

T-shirt & gt; > >

in the washed don't hesitate to

cleaning cycle: every time after wearing the

T-shirt to against the washing and drying, the front side of each medallion decoloring avoid clothes.

tips: machine wash, can put a T-shirt on mesh bag inside, or make neckline with a rubber band, prevent the neckline gets bigger and deformation.
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