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From the soap to wash clothes, wash products into the era of enrichment! - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-29
In daily life, decontamination was the most main function of clothes washing supplies. With the continuous development of economy and science and technology, washing products on the market has been developed from the past single clean function of development into a utility model, laundry, laundry condensate beads and other products of a light and small also declared the washing product, concentrated form innovation and development trend.

it is obvious that is under the age of development of popular demand change affects the washing industry and product changes.

China washing product successively experienced plant ash, soap and detergent washing time, then gradually turns to liquid washing products development, laundry detergent to become a new fashion of laundry.

but less than ten years, first of all, the new media, electricity the rise of a new type of laundry products & ndash; Laundry tablets and & other; Green environmental protection & throughout; 、“ Efficient enrichment & throughout; 、“ Lightweight and convenient & throughout; Tags appear in people's horizons, surprise, is how the updating speed of products. At present, the domestic market share while it is hard to count, but in the European and American countries, laundry has become a rookie in the washing products, reflecting a good development prospect.

than traditional detergent, laundry tablets obvious advantages

in our country, only about 25% share of laundry detergent, washing powder 70%, even so, there are still a lot of domestic manufacturers of washing laundry immense market potential, all through the new media, for its campaign, make laundry hot piece of time.

with laundry tablets became the typical products, laundry is the nano science and technology, its main composition is nanometer active molecules, USES is high concentrated green plant formula, characterized by low foam easy to rinse, green environmental protection, do not contain phosphorus and fluorescent agent, can use for a long time solid color bright color, protective clothing.

in addition, lightweight, energy conservation and environmental protection is also one big advantage, allegedly laundry piece a piece only about 4 g, 3 - to cleaning 4 kg of clothing, clean and laundry detergent 6 times, but the weight is only 1/25 of the laundry detergent.

someone pointed out that the laundry is in the form of washing powder, no qualitative change, and laundry sheet tide easily, easy adhesion after wet laundry slip together, not easy to remove, seriously affect the experience.

to which the personage inside course of study points out, washing powder pH value more than 12, belongs to the strong alkaline, improper preservation also easy tide; In addition, it is in use process not completely dissolved, and the residue after phosphorus detergent to wash easily lead to clothing damage, is not easy to rinse; Comparison, laundry PH value is neutral, higher technology content, enrich the various active ingredients, can be completely dissolved and dissolving speed, Yi Piao washable, do not hurt the hand, washing effect is obvious, and laundry tablets generally adopts the vacuum packing, there will not be easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp, stick together is bad to take out the problem.

so, laundry sheet reflects the incomparable advantage is that some traditional detergent.
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