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Fur garment appear floating color, laundry how should solve? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-25
Fur clothing appear floating color, the so-called floating color is attached to the fur is not combined with the dye, under the action of external force is easy to fall off phenomenon, not only easy to clothing aesthetic problem, also easy to cause the body's skin problems. So fur clothing this phenomenon should be how to deal with?

( 1) With a clean sawdust have floating color rub is brushed, if there are conditions, but also add a small amount of 40% of formaldehyde in sawdust ( Formalin) And organic silicon brightener, etc. , in order to improve the fastness of the dyed and MAO was sheen. If the floating color heavier, can be in clean sawdust rub repeatedly several times, until the floating color to the net. Slight tapping with a bamboo pole and top-down measuring leather by MAO, remove all the sawdust. This method is mainly applied to dye hair is a stub fine leather like minks, woodchucks, weasel and the cat skin, etc.

( 2) If the fur clothing hair is long and thin, in order to avoid the knot hair or sawdust pollution, also can dip in with towel or clean soft cloth on the hot water solution of acidic detergent shun MAO wipe brush.

if you have formaldehyde, also can add a small amount of formaldehyde in aqueous solution. Floating color heavy wiping, floating color light brush less. Wipe and after hanging in ventilated dry place or the sun to dry, reoccupy rattan or bamboo tap the wool surface, restore hair flowers. Pay attention to in the wet wipe and when not to pedal, in case the pedal harden, tanning, affect the service life. It can effectively solve the problem of the floating color, avoid falling clothing aesthetic and cause the harm of human body health.
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