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Fur lining - washing and maintenance method Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-22
Fur fabric washing and maintenance methods, fur roughly divided into three kinds, mink, otter, the fox;

mink feature: good quality, thin skin, strong tension, bushiness soft, colour and lustre is light;

rabbit features: hair short and thick, straight hair warmth retention property good, and not easy to fall off;

the fox features: hair fine rich, full of elasticity, the dynamic, colour is gorgeous, board quality, and the flexible;

the washing method:

1, high-grade fur cleaning ( Mink class)

the washing powder, magnesium powder, talcum powder ratio 1:1

the washing method: fur flat out on the case, dips in with sponge powder evenly brush hair is, the special smudgy parts rub repeatedly, let stand for 24 hours, with the brush cleaning wool powder, then fur set on the portrait model gas, with wash powder to blow air spray gun, with dense tooth comb will be in accordance with the consequent to dredge up hair.

2, ordinary fur cleaning ( Sheepskin class)

cleaning solvent: 95% alcohol often usage: alcohol 200 & ndash; 250 ml

the washing powder, talcum powder often usage: talcum powder 500 & ndash; 1000 grams of

the washing method: fur is set on the portrait model gas, with air gun will be on alcohol solvent uniform atomization to MAO, dips in with sponge powder brush hair besmear is repeatedly, then rub with fine rubbing, brush with wool cleaning the fur is powder, and then use wash powder to blow air spray gun, with a loose tooth comb will be in accordance with the consequent to dredge up hair.

maintenance methods:

1. Avoid oil, cosmetics, acidic and alkaline substances such as;

2. Avoid sun exposure, put in ventilated place, naturally air-dried;

3. Avoid friction and hard;

4. Put in the wardrobe mothproofing agent and preservative, prevent bug eat by moth and damp. To use breathable cotton paper package, avoid direct contact to the fur;

5. Get wet in the rain clothes stained with water and immediately with a dry towel wipe, and then put in ventilated place dry;

6. Commonly used comb fur, can keep the original color and form; With a small stick tapping fur surface, can strike dust on the surface of the fur;

7. Use wide shoulder type big hangers, hang buy furs.
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