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Fur maintenance knowledge, the more you take a look at! - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-22
Careful in enduring

fur clothing and other natural fabrics, clothing, need your care when wearing & ndash; —

( 1) Use handbag as far as possible, avoid back with fur shoulder bag ( If the place such as the shoulder, mouth) Friction, cause guard hair loss or distortion.

( 2) Don't wear any jewelry in the fur, but avoid watches, bracelets and other accessories for cuff, the pocket mouth of wear and tear.

( 3) Fur if wet by rain or frost and snow, should immediately grab the lining to armpit shaking a few times, beads will surface after shake, dry in the shade dry, heated baking, exposure or ironing.

( 4) Sweat on the skin, Such as armpit, neck) , wet hair after shampoo can make skin hardens, so be extra careful attention.

( 5) Particular attention when have dinner in the restaurant, fur clothing had better don't put it on the cloakroom, can be folded carefully on the chair, and asked the waiter to use clothing collar for a horse, away from the table.

( 6) Don't wait for perfume, cosmetics, eruption supplies chemicals directly touch the surface of the fur.

( 7) Away from heat source, especially the heating machine, because the heat will suck fur of grease, make fur harden, guard hair easy to brittle fracture.

( 8) Must take when wearing scarves, avoid direct contact with the skin fur because fur easily after adsorption oil and makeup wool, wool and sticky.

( 9) Please do not contact with friction hard or sharp instrument.

( 10) People around you, as far as possible not to hand in his, from external force suddenly, cause the pocket mouth tear.

easy storage artful receive

fur store have knowledge greatly, but not complex & ndash; —

( 1) Don't wear must be timely collection, we don't hang out long, in order to avoid dust contamination and peculiar smell. Deposit cannot be folded, lest produce fold injury cortex.

( 2) With a wide shoulder big hangers (when stored in We with the garment present) Hanging in the wardrobe, it is important to note that offer certain space, avoid extrusion fur. Button at the same time, the card back to the in situ is good, open the various parts of a draw string to relax to the state of nature.

( 3) Suggest to use our present dust cover or use silk garment set and bug net, breathable, don't use plastic bags clothing sets. Pay attention to receive clothes fur collar and hat to properly raised, avoid over the shoulder of the fur collar or hat.

( 4) Inside the wardrobe in any place any kind of pest control, do not touch the surface, at the same time should pay attention to inside the wardrobe of anti-insect agent concentration, avoid strong smell, so as to avoid odor infiltrate the fur is not easy to send out.

( 5) To fur in dry environment. Avoid sunlight, high temperature, damp and insect ant harm, best in summer every one to two months out in the shade and ventilation. Fur the most afraid of be affected with damp be affected with damp, moisture can lead to pedal gone mouldy, family store environment can be placed in the closet a moderate amount of desiccant, such as activated carbon, etc.

helpful hints:

please conform to the characteristics of fur clothing to receive.

fur deposit in the family environment, such as the environment of the air is humid, fur easily lead to mildew and gamey smell, because be affected with damp be affected with damp be affected with damp be affected with damp if it is not serious, in the air is dry, the peculiar smell could gradually disappeared, so rarely to the attention of the consumers. Yenji lady fur remind you, be sure to guarantee the fur is not to be affected with damp be affected with damp, lest cause pedal harden, large areas of hair removal and so on can't save the consequences.
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