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Fur off hair, dry it doesn't matter! - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-19
Beaver rabbit fur fur is soft and warm to wear, and was welcomed by a lot of women. However, in the face of the rabbit hair fur off hair to do this problem, everyone was at sea, don't know what to do. In fact, the otter rabbit hair fur off hair do, this problem is not unsolvable, below small make up to elaborate.

suggested methods:

before know rabbit hair fur off hair do, let's know why the rabbit fur MAO MAO. About wool is very normal, if not to drop hair that is not normal, because the real animal fur began dropping, and the person's hair, this is the normal biological characteristics.

just generally produce fur will be float to fall away during the production of broken hair doping in it, the edge of each piece of fur pieced together, MAO MAO are relatively more concentration, the light is relatively less, MAO will fall off naturally. After receiving goods, forcibly shake, slapping a lot, to help to revive the hair of the crushed. In general floating hair normal use for a few days can do.


in order to solve the rabbit fur off MAO MAO to do, we can adopt the following methods.

we must first according to the size of the fur clothing, choose a plastic bag or plastic bag, the bag must be clean and without holes. Put the clothes into the bag and gently squeeze all the air, the bag out of the air after the mouth of a ligation tight, put in the freezer frozen out around 2 hours, such a beaver rabbit hair the whole organization is tightening, it is not easy to drop hair.
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