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Hand sanitizer can wash a face? _? - hand sanitizer can wash my face Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-27
Hand sanitizer is a common kind of clean and care products, many people will use hand sanitizer when hand washing, especially female friends. Then hand sanitizer can be used to wash a face?

hand sanitizer can have the effect of disinfection and sterilization, its main function is to clean the skin, but to counterfeit products for the skin damage is very big still, so we must look for the real thing.

so how hand sanitizer classification? In general hand sanitizer can be divided into two kinds, one kind is disinfection products, one kind is ordinary hand sanitizer.

the use of hand sanitizer method is simple, the first wet your hands with water, apply adequate amount to the hand sanitizer in the palm, and then rub for at least 30 seconds above, fingers, fingers should be noticed, let each part of the foam can cover the hand, rinse clean with water. Don't dry, but can be used to clean dry towel or paper towel.

for drying to the skin, the surface water can cause dry skin, rapid evaporation become coarse.

hand sanitizer can not wash your face.

hand sanitizer is not suitable for used to wash a face. Hand sanitizer contains more surface active agent, emulsifier, thickener, pigment, essence and other ingredients, directly used to wash a face to face delicate skin stimulation is too big, easy to damage the skin.

more sensitive facial skin, the skin of facial ministry of hand skin, do not use protect skin to taste and cleaning fluid, liquid soap, in particular, is specially designed for hand sanitizer, facial care still need to use professional cleanser.

wash hands with liquid soap, wash your face with a cleanser, it can better skin care!

how would a wash a face, use hand sanitizer

with liquid soap washs a face can bring greater harm to the skin, common are:

1, dry skin,

may cause dry skin washs a face with hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer decontamination ability, it is easy to fat excessive moisture in the skin clean, and make the skin becomes dry and tight.

2, sensitive skin

may cause sensitive skin washs a face with hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer is specially designed for hand skin, use to directly face is easy to cause the big stimulus to facial skin, the skin damaged and become sensitive, if itself is sensitive skin, it is easy to cause allergies.

2, accidentally use liquid soap washs a face what to do with the

if you are not careful with liquid soap wash a face, can in time, will face of hand wash clean with water. If it is does not appear facial ministry skin redness, itching and discomfort symptoms do not need to undertake special treatment. If is the facial skin is unwell, can use aloe vera gel and soothe sensitive, slightly serious to timely medical treatment.

face must use cleanser

must choose professional washing a face cleanser, facial skin delicate, professional cleanser is designed according to the characteristics of the facial skin, can give the best skin care. If you are free to use the facial cleanser to wash, the composition and the formula is not suitable for facial skin, it is easy to cause facial skin damage.
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