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Healthy environmental protection! Laundry revolution - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-28
Is there a experience, when wearing just washed clothes, always feel itchy skin, face if brightness is new clothes, people might not be able to imagine, this is caused by the residue in chemical products in the clothing.

chemicals is filled with people of all life. Internal reports indicated that at present, we often use the detergent, laundry detergent, laundry soap, 40% of catharsis things don't improve, and can make the human body contains mostly deformity of carcinogenic substances, phosphorus, fluorescent agent, brightener, etc.

phosphorus can affect human body to absorb calcium, serious can result in developmental problems in children, pediatric induced cartilage disease; For the elderly can cause osteoporosis, waist and leg pain. Fluorescent agent after contact with skin and into the human body, easy to be absorbed, deposited down hard to eduction body outside, this will affect the human body immunity, blood circulation system and organs form a harm to human body, the more serious will cause cancer.

to change people's washing environment, reform of the domestic washing market pattern, is imminent.

a rely on nanotechnology research and development of new type wash protect products, slowly emerging, it is & ndash; — Super concentrated nano laundry tablets

traditional washing products, can add 15% of polyphosphates, mostly in the dirt, it can effectively decompose clothing clean clothes, but it with phosphate as the main detergent, washing after the sewage flow into the rivers and lakes, causing water quality eutrophication trend, all kinds of algae, aquatic plants infested water turbidity, lack of oxygen, water kills fish and other aquatic life.

according to the UN environment programme (unep) and other institutions to global water quality inspection report, the world has 30% 40% of the eutrophication of lakes and reservoirs appear phenomenon. In China's Yangtze river, huaihe river, taihu, chaohu and so on many lakes, have varying degrees of eutrophication problem. According to expert survey of chaohu lake water pollution, the phosphorus in the water more than 3 standard. Four times, while the increase of the content of phosphorus is the result of phosphorous washing products. Nanjing xuanwu the phosphorus in the water, 70. 8% from sewage; One of the leading causes of blue-green algae outbreak in taihu lake, is also because of the washing powder into, make the phosphorus content of the huge increase in water, sadly, washing products are clean, now has become a pollution cause!

laundry sheet, is a kind of subversion to the original washing market, and the profound changes of human life.

in Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea and other developed countries, and banned products containing heavy metals. Fascinated laundry tablets, families, and almost completely replace the traditional washing products. However in the overseas market share of 90% in the washing laundry, currently in the domestic market share of less than 3%.

in China in recent years, the nature environment badly polluted, such as landslide, debris flow, fog, water pollution and so on, with reason, the traditional washing products to blame!

laundry away from harmful substances, won't hurt your skin and beauty. It is not only the volume light, easy to transport, and environmental protection and energy saving, safe non-toxic, use laundry products of waste water after washing clothes, and even can fish, compared with the market in the washing products, effective decontamination ability, is the general laundry tablets 2 times, 4 times that of washing powder, laundry detergent six times! Weight is only one of the 25 points of laundry detergent.

because of adopting the latest German nanotechnology, highly concentrated products, the volume and weight are greatly reduced, even daily travel carry, also can't use our space, very easy to store. Special cold cut hydrolysis technology, also make it more efficient when washing clothes.

the world health organization (who) state environment protection agency called for everybody, protect the environment, starts from oneself. Subvert the traditional laundry environment, improving the quality of people's life, a liability for the society, the well-being for future generations, and you it's time to make a change.

in the face of the domestic washing market urgently need to change the environment, the laundry piece as a natural health and environmental protection products, will lead a revolution of laundry!

health quality life, starting from the laundry tablets.
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