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by:Jingliang     2020-07-28
We usually come into contact with the propaganda about laundry products, many of them claims to be able to make old clothes washed & other Bright white as new & throughout; Is fluorescent agent, which works. Laundry is fabricated using nanotechnology, can effectively remove stains from clothes, in simple terms, is the more clean, wash clean clothes do not need fluorescent agent will be promising. If really wait until my clothing hair yellow heavy, we are now living standards and clothing replacement rate, I'm afraid you don't know how in the back.

in other words, if often use fluorescent agent, especially used in personal clothing and daily necessities, is not very suitable. The provisions of the state, the food and its internal packaging can not add fluorescent agent, suggesting that country for the safety of the fluorescent agent or been sceptical. Close-fitting clothing, therefore, it is best not to use cleaning products contain fluorescent agent, after all, we in today's environment, daily contact with all kinds of chemical products have more than enough.

laundry tablets can not only completely dissolved in hot water, even the cold water can also be easily namely harmony, and does not contain phosphorus, fluorescent agent, such as chemical composition, is biodegradable, environmental safety, suitable for all kinds of hand wash machine wash.

1, decontamination faster

imported pure plant extract, containing multiple efficiency of the plant cleaning factor, the real plant clean.

2, fresh and fragrant

with good skin oils, from washing to dry, the unique plant fragrance, fresh sweet atmosphere let your clothes.

3, mild skin

do not contain phosphorus, fluorescence additive, mild nature, even if the hand washing, also does not hurt the skin, not oily and dry.

4, no bubble thickening

contains no foaming agent and thickening agent, a true bubble, less easy to drift 淸, save water, cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

5, color fastness,

lasting protective clothing, wash the clothes itself true color, solid color more grace, increase the number of wearing clothes.

6, the melt under the influence of water

pure water plant ingredients instantly melt, under the influence of water to dissolve into the water fully, to your laundry.

7, mouldproof and moth-proofing

the pure natural plant ingredients, has antibacterial, mouldproof and moth-proofing function, comprehensive health care family.
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