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Heat it love sweating laundry tablets - make your life more simple Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-29
In July, the steam boiling under the environment, let us become particularly love sweating, with increased frequency in clothing, washing supplies use frequency also increases greatly. So the summer season is washing supplies, all kinds of type, the function of washing products emerge in endlessly, but not all of the products are good & other clothing and human body; Partner & throughout; 。 As a new type of laundry washing supplies and to & other; Efficient environmental protection & throughout; A new attitude into the view of consumers, loved by consumers.

it is well known that summer clothing is given priority to with thin, fragile material, often knead easy damaged, wrinkling, yellowing, spins, etc. The most common, the service life of clothing has been reduced, at this time some strong alkaline cleaning products will aggravate the damage of clothing. And laundry, by adopting the technology of super concentrated, removing water compressed into flake. More important surface active matter content as high as 46%, adding no child extract, stronger than the same amount of washing product market clean ability, and will immediately dissolve in the hot and cold water does not need to immerse clothes is long, is very simple to use.

in addition, laundry and a unique, is not containing phosphorus, do not contain fluorescent whitening agent. If most people don't know, washing products containing phosphorus or fluorescent agent, the purpose is to increase the washing product of clean power, but phosphorus as washing water discharge to the rivers and lakes, there is harm to the environment. Are attached to the clothing and fluorescent whitening agent through, and increases the risk of the adhesion on the human body, although there is no specific research data showed that its harmfulness, but the influence of chemical composition on the human body cannot be ignored.

as a result, both the life from the clothing and starting from the human body health, laundry is smoked in the summer the life that occupy the home.
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