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Help you build perfect summer machine carefully bee pulp paper pseudo - without makeup makeup Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-30
Sorching summer, braving skies, show a good naked muscle season, pseudo without makeup time DUANG ~ it is coming! Has formally farewell to this year, in the age of thick makeup massiness be lifted before braving the sun in the summer, the natural gloss of skin, with a slightly modified their eyebrows and eyelashes, and then coated with natural color of the lipstick, without makeup makeup will be omnipresent occupy every female star's face, and beautiful to love you is no exception.

what kind of makeup look, whether to build a healthy skin of makeup look is created capital, have a good skin ensures that more than half the level in appearance, of course, want to pursue the perfection of skin, bottom makeup alone is not enough, whether the skin inner quality standard is also very important, so, after makeup before makeup with bee pulp paper earnestly discharge makeup, clean face, the skin is getting better and better, build natural makeup look is handy, especially in the summer of love without makeup makeup, but also test the skin side & other Shine on a demon mirror & throughout; 。

actually, pseudo without makeup makeup is not difficult, can easily master some skills. After cleansing with bee pulp paper, first, apply some on the face muscle essence, can let the bottom makeup more break; Then choose a isolation, push on the face and brighten our skin; With a thin liquid foundation, foundation brush evenly daub on face, skin color; Daub is in the eye socket with shallow pearl eye shadow and lie the location of the silkworm, brighten the eyes; Coated with bare brown eye shadow under the eyes crease and eye position, natural dizzy; Eyeliner choose brown more natural, close to the eyelashes, eye end don't pull too long; Good eye makeup painting we sweep lightly on a natural blush, many look at ascension; Finally choose a color lipstick, or replaced with a lip balm. Let a person a see pseudo without makeup and pleasing to the eye makeup is completed.

novel pseudo without makeup makeup look is good, but absolutely not fall in the details. With the advent of summer, the sun is like a ball of fire, let a person nowhere to dodge the tan. In such a xia Yang heat, just enough beauty makeup? The sun is the most dangerous ultraviolet B ( UVB) And ultraviolet A ( UVA) , is not only the culprit of tanning, long-term can also affect the immune system, accelerate the aging skin, even then how many skin care artifact can save you!

so, use the bee paper after facial cleaning, be sure to use appropriate according to their own skin is prevented bask in a product, so it can let the beauty and health. Beauty, no matter later again tired, remember must remember seriously makeup oh, with bee pulp paper 2 minutes to do!
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