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High-grade cashmere sweater: washing, nursing, receive books! - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-24
Cashmere sweater go MAO qiu

cashmere clothing hair bulb don't cut yourself off, or use hard brush to kill them. The correct processing method is: for 2 - wearing wool clothing 3 days need to replace, and try to avoid frequent contact with other crude items, to reduce the ball; ,

cashmere clothing after the ball, go to professional dry cleaner with professional & other; Go to the ball machine & throughout; Remove the bulb.

cashmere washing

use professional cashmere detergent for cleaning;

use warm water below 30 c;

soak for 10 minutes or so, knead gently, do not force.

can not twist dry, suggest flat out on the big towel gently rolled up, blot moisture.

on the flat surface or shelf in order;

after washing to plastic

well wool clothes chest circumference, shoulder width, length, sleeve length size, in areas such as waiting for clothing work partly, the wool fabric with a sheet out flat on the table, according to the records of the size of the hand shape.

plastic again after receive the

after air, need to sort out straight after folding bag into the ark;

place mothproofing agent in cashmere clothing and must pack several layers of paper, more can't direct contact with the cashmere fabric, in case of fading or metamorphism;

note ventilation and moisture proof.
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