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Hotel cleaning equipment manufacturer on how to decrease the cost of linen to use - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-22
Linen use cost of several basic methods. Everybody with small make up together to learn!

1, the maintenance problems

equipment and linen are two important assets, therefore, within the service life of them is important to maximize use efficiency. Below is a list of how to take good care of equipment and linen some problems: equipment regular maintenance? Washing machine and drying machine in laundry roller and roller whether there is any sharp edges? Iron pallet used right? Washing detergent formulation used is appropriate for the types and smudgy degree wash cloth grass? Linen chute checked regularly? Linen is improper use? Turnover use linen average amount is enough? Carrier with cart is clean, no sharp edges? Constantly pay attention to these problems and find out the crux, and adopt the solution, can make linen self to prolong service life.

2. Washing cost control

the cost of washing work can be divided into nine categories, their Numbers might be different from nation to nation and slightly changes. Cost classification is as follows: the production of artificial cost 40%, 8% 12% linen 19%, appliance, depreciation, fringe benefits, maintain, 8% and 6%, detergent chemicals, 3%, 2% 2%, integrated supply management expenses; Total 100%. Scientific statistics and analysis was carried out on the washing cost, can reduce the cost, the cost can be improved, do a good job in financial analysis report to relevant departments on a regular basis.

3. Linen items processing step

traditional steps:

laundry/laundry washing linen - - In the trolley - > cloth grass - Are sent to the housekeeping department - > cloth grass - - - - - - - > cloth grass on store shelves - Preparing the room cleaning trolley - > the housekeeper - Are sent to the pantry - > cloth grass - > are shelved in the pantry cloth grass.

step change:

laundry/laundry washing linen - - > laundry room cloth grass on mobile trolley/shelf ( Every 24 hours, on average, a) - - > mobile trolley will be sent to the pantry - - > the mobile trolley of the pantries are sent back to the laundry.

to consider it this way: the existing hotel system called pro owner ( 箴Hostsystem) 。 First step is to establish this mobile system to establish the averages of linen required on each floor. Establish such averages, linen and decide the number of required size of the mobile trolley.

in this system, the load of the trolley all day on to the floor linen, strollers, prepared by the laundry, need all items to ensure uninterrupted supply. Because of the need to constantly, so only need a few sets of spare spare car. For example, if there are 24 floors, only need four more trolley. In so doing, not only make the operation more reasonable, also reduced the staff. Linen turn over, every day will appear a permanent inventory.

this is because the amount of mobile cannot guarantee offered by the daily average amount of supply, staff will soon realize that a shortage. Work, the processing method can achieve the following three aspects to control: for each layer provides enough linen items; Make linen items can be fully turn over, not stack up one by one; Make every day can be found in short supply.
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