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Household cleaning tips! Let you become & quot; Clean the talent - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-27
Cleaning is one of the most upset, not cleaning not clean, is the damage to the surface of the household products, if learn to reasonable use clean commodities, will get twice the result with half the effort, today small make up to introduce several clean small coup, make you instantly clean talent! Household cleaning no longer upset!

1, clean with toothpaste refrigerator

toothpaste every family have, in addition to clean your teeth and mouth, toothpaste can also remove the refrigerator shell general dirt. Because the toothpaste contains research the agent, the detergency is very strong. Method is very simple, dip in with soft cloth with a little toothpaste to brush try slowly, if the stain is stubborn, can squeeze toothpaste again more reoccupy cloth wipe repeatedly try, refrigerator will restore clean.

2, lemon cleaning obstinate stains the most effective

the lemon juice is also a superb cleaner, can remove stubborn stains. White shirt with black tea, to tap the water or wet cloth, if still doesn't work, what a drop of lemon can be removed immediately. If accidentally left the doors when ironing, try to dry after coated with lemon juice, can remove the doors.

3, woodiness furniture cleaning milk

to have bought the furniture in the home, you can in the new furniture put some leftover or sour milk, besides can remove the smell of paint, also can add luster, like to play on a layer of floor wax, so that the wooden furniture is not easy to get dirty!

4, strong tea to tarnish furniture

the furniture of a few long time use gradually lost its former luster, make a pot of strong tea, etc. It is a bit cool, put a piece of soft cloth soaked, scrub once or twice, can make furniture to restore luster. If the furniture surface is stained with oil pollution, the use of tea juice can remove, keep it clean. If you can mix use the water that clean out rice and tea at the same time, the effect is better.

5, milk can but clothes stain

milk is not only rich nutritional value and a few small tweaks, let's look at the milk magical effect on removing clothes stain!

to the trace:

if left wine on a white shirt, boil milk wipes are available, and can go up the stains.

to fruit trace:

sour milk can get rid of flowers of fruit, in the traces with milk, wash it a few hours later, can be washed.

to ironmould:

clothes stained with ironmould, first wash, washed with milk, and then wash with detergent, namely except.

to rust:

clothes hanging on a nail, or covered in rust, it is hard to wash off, if there is rust, first soaked in boiling water, coated with sour milk, in with soap, wash clean.

6, eraser cleaning lights

lighting appliance left hand mark on the light switch, can use a rubber wipe, which can clean like new.

7, coffee grounds to remove odor sink

the edge of the sink is easy to accumulate food oily be soiled, the stench is derived from food, oily be soiled by a gas that is broken down by bacteria. Coffee friend drink coffee can leave coffee grounds, it contains active carbon can adsorb many tiny dirt, the coffee dregs into the sink, then water washed away, it can remove odor of drainage pipeline and greasy.

8, degenerative milk scrubbed wooden floor

milk expired, will taste sour, it will add lactic acid content in milk, lactic acid is a natural and detergent, can be used to clean up the wood floor. Use twice as much water will be diluted, and then with a soft dishcloth infiltrates after twist dry, hard on the floor to wipe, can make the floor new light.

9, cigarette foil remove tea

often make tea on tea table, time is long will leave ugly patches of stains. In the face of such situation can be sprinkled some water on the table, with tin foil paper to wipe the cigarette, then wash with water, can make the tea wash out, convenient and quick.

10, apple nuclear degreasing:

the sink in the kitchen with a layer of oil, often happen to just can be used shortly after eating the apple core will scrub off grease, this is because the stone of the fruit contains pectin, the pectin has the role of removing oil dirties.
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