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How can use the washing machine laundry not knot? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-20
Work one day to go home, comfortable a hot bath, to save the day clothes into the washing machine, for a moment the clothes ready to go, is really convenient. But found when open the washing machine to dry the clothes & other; Entanglement & throughout; Together, the along while also does not open, give a good mood also played a knot. Believe that a lot of people are met in the process of use the washing machine clothes knot '. Knot clothing, not only affect the effect of washing, clothes can not clean, and easy to clothes damage

laundry clothes knot, and the type of washing machine has a lot to do. Traditional vortex type washing machine than the agitator and the roller type of washing machines are more likely to cause knot clothing. Especially & other; Ribbon type & throughout; Clothing, such as sleeves and trouser legs, the movement of the lag in the water, and the reversal of the pulsator, knot is easy to cause distortion. The more serious the and torsion, the greater the knot.

so if clothes knot is too serious, can consider replacement washing machine type. Drum washing machine clothes will slightly many knot. If the home washing machine belongs to the type of knot to make clothing, and less willing to pay big money to buy a new washing machine, can choose qi yi laundry or washing ball, can effectively reduce the knot clothing. Cooperate to use laundry bag would be better.

appropriate increase of water in the laundry will tie can also ease the laundry. If the water level is too low, can make the clothes in the water movement lag situation is more serious, knot to make clothes. Because the clothes are more likely to surface at the same time, the scratches directly to the washing machine on the inner wall, often can cause damage to the clothes. Laundry, don't in too many clothes at a time. There are too many clothes in the washing machine can make the clothes squeezed together, make the knot situation is more serious, and can make the clothes more difficult to clean.

choose good washing machine, a don't put too many clothes, by high water level, appropriate use of laundry with laundry bags, do that, no longer afraid of clothes is twisted.
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