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How clean leather skirt - _ leather skirt can use washing machine Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-21
A, how clean leather skirt

1, covered with a hot towel stained part

first prepared a hot towel or sponge, you need to clean the stained part with hot towel over your hot and humid. Stain stay heated will be more easy to clean, not easy to damage the cortex.

2, a small amount of alcohol to wipe the

with a clean piece of cloth, apply adequate amount of alcohol or liquor where there is besmirch wipe to wipe gently, must pay attention to avoid too much effort to damage the leather.

3, washing out to dry in time, avoid to be affected with damp be affected with damp

can use wet cloth to gently wipe leather skirt, after wiping clean, with hangers to hang up and placed in dry ventilated place, avoid exposure or be affected with damp be affected with damp.

4, glazing pressing

and other leather skirt after dried, can besmear on maintenance of oil, added to cortex & other Nutrition & throughout; And prolong the service life of the leather skirt. Glazing after electricity iron for ironing again, but it is important to note that pressing technique, low temperature iron when ironing mat layer cloth, and avoid the local hot for too long, to prevent the hot iron temperature was too high.

2, leather skirt, can use a washing machine

of course can't use the washing machine, whether it's real leather or fake every one can't use the washing machine wash.

leather if clean their general use to wipe, can add detergent to wipe decontamination, and dry in ventilated place dry. Remember not to see, and strong light/heat. Leather, care about a little, use detergent is exquisite, generally USES the special-purpose detergent, here depends on personal preferences.
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