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How dirty pillow do you know how often your pillow cleaning? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-17
Process is dependent on the pillow sleep, but, your family really safe pillow? Pillow has a lot of bacteria is invisible to the naked eye, we have data to show that a week not to wash every 6 cm square pillow may produce CFU (300 ~ 5 million Colony forming unit) Bacteria, if you don't wash a month, this number will be close to 12 million. See this, do you think the urge to throw a pillow?

these bacteria while we sleep & other; Hit & throughout; We, caused great damage to our skin. You might find that when you wake up in the morning, the head very greasy, such greasy and let yourself feel very sick, in fact, greasy hair is caused by bacteria.

the pillow of bacteria is how to?

it says on the pillow to bacteria is much, a lot of bacteria in our sleep, constantly harm the skin, then understood how the bacteria on the pillow.

in general, our pillow mites, bacteria increase is caused by two reasons for this.

first, bedroom air illiquid. Air flow variation cause our pillows in the bedroom is full of bacteria, but long time to make a room in a closed state, also can increase the room bacteria breeding.

second, our personal hygiene was not well done. Life a lot of people are busy in the evening after play, play games, reversed the normal work and rest time, don't even wash then fall asleep in bed, so you will derive a lot of bacteria.

pillow should be how to cleaning?

1, cleaning at least once a week, if not, at least also want to often clean.

2, wash the pillow filling twice a year; Every two years to replace a pillow.

, experts say, & other; Pillow core must often wash often bask in, we had made with buckwheat husk pillow core test, found that never wash pillow core, there is a lot of dust, mites and molds. Abroad have reported that a never wash the pillow core, half is dust mites and molds. Therefore, the total not to clean pillow core is likely to be harmful to our health.

different pillow core cleaning methods have different

1, chemical fiber pillow core

when cleaning, use a mild detergent, if machine wash, had better pack a big towel, to balance water, prevent deformation. It is important to note that the chemical fiber pillow core to rinse several times, fully rinse out the inside of the washing liquid, until water is clear. After washing to dry or dry as soon as possible, help restore elasticity pillow, soft and fluffy.

2, feather pillow core

feather pillow core shoulds not be machine wash, wash, pillow core first into the cold water for 20 minutes, and then to 30 ℃ warm water, and neutral detergent for 15 minutes, then gently scrub with a soft brush. When rinse in a basin of warm water to add 4 & ndash; Five tablespoons of white vinegar, such neutralization feather pillow core of residual alkaline liquid detergent ingredients, in order to reduce the damage to the feather. After wash, don't too dry, with their hands out moisture to dry in the shade, can gently pillow core, restoring the feather fluffy and soft.

3, buckwheat skin pillow core

this kind of pillow core use time long, will produce some debris and dust, easy to cause allergies. So should regularly clean up debris, but should not be washed. Buckwheat husk, tea pillow core, drug pillow pillow core, etc. , generally has health care sedative effect, if washed, not only affect the health care effect, also easy to mildew.

4, latex pillow core

this kind of pillow has good elasticity, strong support, and not easy to accumulate dust, etc. , especially people who are allergic to respiratory tract. When cleaning, should use cold water soak with detergent added first, and then with handle gently pressing, reoccupy clear water rinse. Use dry cloth after washing water, placed in the shade dry, not in the sun insolates, so as to avoid material the oxidation.
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