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How do laundry does not hurt the hand? 吗? How to quickly remove the stains? - - - - - - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-21
The love of beauty is every woman's nature, every woman need to caress, heaven is degrading, however, with the passage of time, always on our left some traces.

whenever the weekend big & other; Wash & throughout; The day! ! ! I was particularly upset, I most love to wash clothes, believe the laundry is also one of many housewives have a headache. Machine wash sometimes afraid to wash not clean, and some real silk clothes cannot machine wash. Hand wash again tired, also notice a lot of problems. Summarizes how to wash clothes by the clean method, is introduced here.

underwear, clothing washed apart

because underwear direct contact with the skin, so underwear to wash together, and try to use soft special laundry detergent. Coat due to wear in the outside, how much will stick to the outside world of bacteria and dirt, so be separated with underwear. And if with infants and young children in the home, to separate the children's clothing and adult clothing, avoid the adult bacteria run to children clothing.

according to the types of stain cleaning

if had blood on his clothes, and be sure to wash in cold water to wash the blood. If there is a red wine stain clothing, with white wine or alcohol rub first, then use detergent to clean. Fruit stains if immediately get clothes are clean, and so on the medicine according to the different types of stain to choose different washing methods.

wash soak for a few minutes before

clothes don't wash into water directly, should add detergent to soak for 10 minutes advisable. Part because water will soften clothing and dissolve stains, even stubborn stains can also soften, and then after hand washing can completely get rid of. That's a long time, but don't put the clothes one bubble are not good to wash, is said to have a scientific basis for ~ ~ ~

clothes to clean in time,

change of clothes in a timely manner to clean as far as possible, do not heap in a week after two weeks to go to wash. Because some of the dust may initially just floating on the surface of clothes, but over time might enter the clothes inside the fiber which is difficult to clean.
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