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How do luxury handbags speck of dust cleaning - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-25
In the fog haze or air is not very good,

meimei zone with a luxury handbags to go out.

but bags & other Shun go & throughout; Some dust to go home,

at that moment, the fairy is heart melt! ! ! !

so touch dirt, with spots,

how to clean to remove?

leather bags is in need of care,

don't immediately think of something dirty water wipe,

will moisture permeability,

will expand bag stains pollution area.

will cause certain influence to the cortex.

the full grain leather bags, for example, especially easy to absorb moisture and oil ( Belong to full grain leather in the high-grade materials, usually cattle shoe face, not only wear-resisting, full grain surface is smooth, and has good air permeability. )

1, with a soft cloth to wipe the dust on the surface of the leather

can use dry cloth or after twist dry, wet cloth to wipe the dust on the surface of the bag.

2, use special tools to clean leather

to film

to film is like an eraser, use film to gently wipe the stains on the bag, can wipe off the stain did not penetrate the surface leather face.

leather special cleaner

if besmirch is very stubborn, may have to use a detergent solution to deal with, must choose for leather and mild detergent. With a soft brush gently apply leather bag surface, three to five minutes to stain disappear. For parts have crack, be sure to follow the movements of the gap to brush.

warm prompt: the above is only suitable for ordinary stain treatment, stain range if the bag is too big and penetration, suggest to professional leather care shop clean. Or improper handling, do more harm than good.
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